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Over the course of 10 years of useful operation HYIP.com website have modified website design an shifted its concept many times. HYIP.com website used to be a HYIP investing monitor, investment monitor with an investment forum, plus an only investment blog. As well as every other booming market the investment field is changing and our website modifies following to current industry vectors. Right now, we are glad to introduce our visitors a current version of the HYIP.com forum.

What We Offer

ICO & Crypto Investment

Investing in ICOs is the key development vector of online investment for the day. We are happy to offer you the separate section of our forum where you may publish your feedbacks on recent Initial Coin Offerings, search information about recent Initial Coin Offerings and find out free-of-charge tokens dispensation, recent Altcoin Airdrops in the AirDrop site section.
If you plan putting your money in mining you need to go to the sections dedicated to ASICs, cloud mining, and video cards. Feel free treat of anything take into your head about the mining and the best altcoins for mining with other members of the community.

HYIP Investment

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) professionals are still invited on our specialized HYIP.com forum sections where they can talk about hot HYIP projects or take a look at well written detailed HYIP reviews based upon expert views as well as forum members feedbacks and comments.
On our forum you will also receive info on payment systems, crypto exchange platforms, as well as other financial services providing services for investing online.

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We are open for cooperation with online investment programs as well as related sites. We provide posting of overviews, link exchange, and advertising spots in HYIP.com forum and the website blog.

Our ModeratorsTeam

If you have long-time background in any kind of online investing, you can be an important participant of HYIP.com forum team and start out supervising personal internet project or administrating our forum portion. We impart our earning received on referral networks with supervisors.

HYIP.com Affiliate Program

We pay five USD dollars for each real user of our website (forum). Any forum users community participant with a verified user account can participate in HYIP.com referral scheme. Every our partner will gain a special (dofolow) link on our blog as a bonus.

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You will obtain open option be in private internal correspondence on the investment forum since the registration. The registration procedure does not request a lot time and efforts.