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During of decade of fruitful performance HYIP.com project have been redesigned an shifted its concept many times. HYIP.com project used to function as a monitor, HYIP investing monitor with a HYIP forum, and a nothing but investment themed blog. As well as any other market the HYIP investment field is changing finally and our project turns in accord with current development trends. Now, we are happy to present our visitors a current version of the investment themed forum.

What Are We Talking About Here?

ICO & Crypto Investment

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the general development direction of Internet investing at this date. We are proud to introduce you the special forum section in which you can post your feedbacks about the latest Initial Coin Offerings, hunt for on the freshest ICO projects as well as take a look at non-repayable crypto coins distributing, newish Crypto Airdrops in the special website section.
If you would like to invest in crypto coin mining you should click on the sections dedicated to video cards, cloud mining, and ASICs. Don’t hesitate talk over anything take into your head on the crypto coin mining or else the best cryptocurrencies & tokens to mine with other members of the community.

HYIP Investment

High Yield Investment Program professionals are still bid welcomed on the HYIP themed HYIP.com forum sections in which they can discuss the latest HYIP programs or take a look at well written HYIP reviews based upon investment PROs’ view and opinions as well as users feedbacks and comments.
On our forum you will also receive needed data about payment providers, crypto coin exchanges, as well as other financial services that provide services for investing via internet.

TeamPlay with HYIP.com

We are open for cooperation with web investment services and specialized websites. We propose posting of overviews, link exchange, as well as advertisement spots on our forum and HYIP.com blog.

HYIP.com RedactionStaff Crew

If you have broad expertise with any sort of online investment, you can become an influential participant of the forum collective and start administrating your personal internet project or keep running a forum section. We impart our income capitalized on referral networks with our curators.

HYIP.com Referral Program

We pay USD 5 dollars for each ’live’ member of the website (forum). Every forum users community member with a verified account can come in the forum’s referral program. Each HYIP.com project’s partner will obtain a do-follow link on HYIP.com blog as an extra bonus.

Contact the Team

You will receive direct accessibility be in private correspondence on the investment forum only after the forum enrolling. The sign up action does not need much your time.